Monday, June 1, 2009

dressed in white

My sister, Tilly from Holland is here!

Yesterday before picking her up, i went to check up on the young couple. The swans.
I wonder if the site they chose is suitable, i fear the water there might dry up, before the summer is over.
In the mean time i get a close-up view of her/him working on the nest.
They notice me instantly as i arrive on the meadow. I stood peacefully in the hot sun in the willow for half an hour before they returned to their nest.

Then! i went to the airport.
My sister dressed in white
coming of the plane
surprised by her
grace and beauty like a swan
her laughter and talk
like the sparkling
of the sun on the water
she's here!
I love her


christopher said...

Hooray for you. I do hope your swans will do all right.

I had birds nest in my Jasmine, who built a good nest until the chicks got big enough. Then the Jasmine did not hold the nest and the chicks fell out. I thought that wouldn't happen because the adults were heavy too, but apparently the chicks overbalanced the nest. This nest was just above my eye height, and right beside my front door. We did okay and I loved it.

Sue said...