Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring Azure

All things summery are here!
Except the Birch sap is not running yet.
That's where i went today, but as there was no sap, i climb up my mountain in the back here.
The Blues are on the wing, lots of them, these two i actually saw two days agoI think it is a Spring Azure. It's a little bright blue butterfly, fluttering around blue, but when it comes to rest,you only see its underwings, grey.

I climbed the hill from the west.
looking South with in between the little lake, Moose Skull Lake.

Flowers everywhere and this (and the one above) is the Saxifraga nivalis.

The red plant you see on the rock everywhere is the Prickly Saxifrage, the most common one, it is almost blooming.
What else was blooming today here in the yard, the wild strawberries!


Anonymous said...

eindelijk voorjaar

Sue said...

It almost seems strange that all of that snow could disappear finally and all these fragile looking flowers and butterflies could have survived underneath somehow!

Bryan and Vikki said...

A nice walk, and some great snapshots... Do you happen to have a receipe for making Birch Beer from the sap? Bryan's folks used to make it in northern Sask. along time ago. I have searched the net.

jozien said...

A, eindelijk...
Sue, it's all miracles, right?
B&V, from a book that everyone should own:) 'discovering wild plants' by Schofield. It says;
allow sap to stand uncovered until fermentation occurs, filter sap, add a pinch of sugar and yeast, cork and age. 'birch champagne'

RachelW said...

I love your photos, Jozien. It is always such a treat to come here.