Friday, May 29, 2009

sweet soft rain

It's a crocus gone to seed
in the rain
I float down
lay right beside it
nurtured by the moisture
and caressed
by the crocus' fluff

For some reason this afternoon, i started doing housework because it was raining.
What a strange thing to do :) When Alexander was little(long time ago) we used to run out and feel it, catch it, play in it, wait for puddles. OK rain is rarity here.

another crocus' seed heads

Anyway i came to my senses, the vacuum cleaner still sitting here in the middle of the room.
And walk out in the oh so light rain.
I go around the pond, towards 'maria' mnt. come up by the "muffin' rock
and stayed low on the mountain, crossing it sideways. Just above the trees, so i can see the view.
See, i am all different, normally i am always so gang-ho for the top.

saskatoon blossom

You know i had never walked this way. The view all soft green and grey. The green color of moose skull exquisite.
But crossing the bedrock side ways wonderful, (more than that.)
It's here where birds live and little animals; i see a chipmunk (Rachel, at the waxing moon, has a good picture today!)

saskatoon bush

And off course all the flowers. I have many more pictures today, but this has to suffice.
The prickly saxifrage is starting to bloom, i came upon 4 flowers, there will be millions on this hill alone soon. They are white with tiny orange specks.
The pussytoes are blooming newly. I found the draba again and more of them. Hopefully i will positively identify it today, with the help of the photos i took.
And all the other flowers mentioned before are blooming more abundantly and bigger blossoms.

On the way home, even the crocus is still blooming, now it's purple set of against the wet brown leaves on the forest floor.


christopher said...

Jozien, a wonderful post. :)

My Whole Life

With seasons so short
what can I do but race on,
then here you come like
a sweet soft rain. Mist
is no burden to my twigs,
to my tiny buds,
to the pale green fronds
that feed me in this season
that is my whole life.

Sue said...

I love that you leave the vacuum and enjoy the rain :D I'm with you!