Monday, May 11, 2009

Looking up

Waking up
snow on the ground
when i look up
there is a group of 5 Grey Jays
a brand new family?
They fly so well
among the faint green
tree tops
I just keep looking up
change thoughts in my head(er)
let go of that last bit of cold in my heart
Because, well
the shorebirds are here
I heard them
already at the lake
now they are right here
in my neighbors backyard

The Lesser Yellowlegs


Faith said...

Beautiful new header:) and the picture of you!! So summery:) Letting go of that last bit of cold:)

I love your poem and the shorebirds. Refreshing. I really like the simplicity of the line

"Because, well
the shorebirds are here"

life shifts on such moments, doesn't it? :)

christopher said...


Great pictures.

Sue said...

Spring! Yay!

I wonder why they are the lesser yellow legs.
What about the greater yellow legs? Where do they go?

jozien said...

Thanks to Virginia, she caught it.
but thanks Faith:)
Christopher thanks for the hug:)
And Sue, they might be here, I yet have to recognize one. They are taller and sing more musical:)