Monday, May 18, 2009

Pink Mountains

I wasn't going to post anymore tonight
but as i stepped outside
the white mountain tops in the South pink
the sun setting in the North-West
the Flickers had finally come to rest
as the two of them where quietly chatting
seemingly having chosen a tree right in front of the house
i had to talk to you all
wanting to tell

Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker

this is one of them this morning
they have been screaming
flying around my house all day

then i find here at the blog your comments
so, i am happy i came
to chat quietly with you

That reminds me someone else who came buzzing out today. We actually do have an attic occupant here. He showed his face today. It's a Carpenter Bee, a great big fellow. He has been living with us for years, has given us no trouble, so he is allowed to stay.

I worked in the garden some more today, actually loving it. We eat the greens that grow where i don't want it. And maybe you understand; only young shoots and very young leaves. It is an acquired taste. Alexander said: oh no, we are into this time of year again :( , meaning the kind of salads we eat from now on, for a while. I smile, because he does eat them.

Later Don and i drove to Kusawa Lake. The ice at the lake is actually also quiet this year. Sometimes it goes more....uhmm i don't mean noisy, but it will push up the shore, or fall away in big chunks or long candles. Now it seems to retreat quietly.

And here is Kusawa River with Mnt. Vanier in the back. The road to the lake follows this river. It is low, this time of year.
It's name actually Takhini River, but that's another story.


christopher said...

I'm glad you chose to share. I get to see more of where you live.

Anja said...

Trees are beautiful, but a nice view of the mountains, not much can beat that.