Friday, May 1, 2009

Fairy land

Checking the Birch trees again for sap;
Today i was prepared, and it amazing what a difference that makes.
Tuesday my walk was cumbersome, today
it was like walking through... fairy land.
Well now most snow , just turned water,
and sopping in my boots sloshing through water heavenly.

No sap yet!
I have to check my posts from a year ago, but i just don't seem to have the time.
Sitting here inside now is already a confinement,
but knowing, the sun will be hot till 10 pm (maybe, i have to check that too, i don't wear a watch) i am OK.

Close to my trees i checked the 'moose meadow', full of water and magical, surrounded by willows full of singing birds! and for perfect symphonies; Grouse drumming (their, again, i heard their drumming first the 28th.))

On the way back i check the drumlin for flowers; crocuses.
From there i go through 'blue china swamp' and that's where the glory starts.
snow turning ice, little rivulets forming, brown mysterious pools among the trees.My snowshoes work very well in the wet swamp.
'moose skull' the ice melted on the edge of the lake, here my snowshoes work well too, to cross that bit of open water.
I come out by 'elfin creek'

Which was running last Tuesday, April 28.

What can i say, i love it, the photos only show so much.
I walked as far as 'fairy falls' them being the highest waterfall of the creek, a 2 meter drop or so, but it didn't come out so nice in the pictures.
I'll be back!

Wednesday morning I met some friends of the fairies and elves.
The Elk.

By the canyon at Blue Kennels, where i will take you one day, promise.

Love you All, i'm off to play in the sun. plus 20 C (sorry i misplaced the conversion table) must be 80!

For (maybe more elves in) a much! greener wetland check, foto's WILLEM OVER LEEFT


Faith said...

Jozien, I love coming here and seeing where you have been. It is so beautiful and inspiring. You sound so happy:) It makes me feel happy inside to read your words.

Olga said...

I love the pictures of the elk! Absolutely beautiful!

christopher said...

I agree with Faith in this, you have an enthusiasm and love for your neighborhood, and the privilege to walk only a little ways to find such wildness. It is also obvious that you prefer your time in the wild over more civilized alternatives. I see you as quite sensitive to the subtle changes the world takes as life goes on. Recording that way too, caring enough to know when the grouse were drumming first last year. wow

I'm infatuated with you :)

Anonymous said...

bedankt voor het vermelden van mijn site / incl foto,s

william from Holland