Thursday, May 21, 2009

who are you?

I am much to big
among you tiny
flowers everywhere
where do i place
my big feet?
my eyes can't see
your minute detail
I am lost
on the hill side
dazzling in the sun
who are you?
underneath this rock
you look so
are you just
another mustard?
confusing me

(anybody out there, please let me know if you have any suggestions)


RachelW said...

Looks like Brassicaceae for sure; I'd want to see the seed pods to get a good ID. That's the key to the mustards. :) Also, growing where: meadows, high up, riverbanks? How tall is the flowering stem?

RachelW said...

Hmm, and having said that... did you get any clear shots of the inside of a blossom? Good to confirm the family ID.

jozien said...

Thanks Rachel! It is among the rocks, which could be moist, there are ferns too.(I'll post those in my wildflower blog)
Anyway let me know. I am thinking now Draba cana or Draba glabella. (Cody)
Anyway, i know exactly where it is, so i will go back for the seedpots.
(if i remember that:)