Saturday, May 16, 2009

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Shorts you said?
We are back to winter clothes. It is sunny, but the wind is sooo cold.
Which makes it a good day to spend behind the window, on the computer:)
Which remind me that at the 14th of May, it was that i finally had a Purple Finch at the feeder. My records are.... disturbing. Or when you don't want to believe in global warming, quite uplifting:
2001 - May 13
2002 - May 7
2005 - April 23
2006 - April 15
2007 - May 2
2008 - May 8
2009 - May 14
As i add 2001, i see we haven't go anywhere. Maybe all is good and this beautiful little red bird arrives right on time.

A new discovery for me:
The Golden-crowned Sparrow

And she might just live right here behind the house.
Yesterday Mary noticed her call, and today there she is, showing herself!
About birdsong, when i am with Mary, i am pretty pleased with myself, recognizing the birds by sound. Today without her.....

Kip's puddle is just wonderful! Lots of the waterbirds are there this year, a 2 minute walk from my house.
Where as moose skull lake and teapot pond, are kind of deserted this spring. This morning at moose skull, there were maybe 3 birds on the lake, even the gulls had left.
At teapot pond, which i didn't yet go around totally, it's a group of ponds actually.
Not much better; I did hear the frogs! 3 ducks flew off, and i did spot a pair of Barrow's Goldeneyes
Aren't they beautiful?

On my Yukon Wildflower blog, i posted some flowers today, but here is the Northern Jasmine, she's tiny, her petals...hmmmm i have to go out there and measure.
here in the big book of Yukon flora, it doesn't even talk about petals, but lobes are 0.5 to 1mm long. Is that 1/32 of an inch? OK she is small :) a candle for the fairies. (Added the next day) Cody got all his mm mixed up, why did i believe him?
Because he wrote a scientific book? Anyway it is 5mm to 10mm which is mr. Cody o.5cm to 1cm. Which is more like 1/4 of an inch. Right? Anyway, the once up the hill are 3mm. 1/8 inch.(flowers blooming later will be bigger)


Bryan and Vikki said...

We see the white crowned sparrow but not the yellow yet. We have lots of Barrel's Goldeneye here. They stay all summer. Today they were mating. Lots of shaking of head afterwords. His with his head enlarged, her's going sideways nodding. Most of the beautiful ducks are just passing day here only and then off further north. Although one of our pair of Loons arrived this morning.

jozien said...

Thanks! Maybe i'll go sit at the pond today and watch them for a while. Awesome!

christopher said...

I am grateful for you Jozien.

jozien said...

thanks love :)