Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ah, the weather is better. This morning i woke with the sun shining brightly in my bedroom. I do love that. (I also love to go to bed in the bright sun, but that hasn't happened quite yet.
Today i worked in the garden most of the day(after sleeping in that is)
My garden is rather wild, even what is to be the vegetable patch. I have a hard time not letting the wild creep in, or straightening out what is wild.
We just had dinner: the potatoes, still from last year's garden, Moose gravy and the salad 50% wild greens. I think i mentioned it already, but here it is again (different everyday anyway); dock, fireweed, plantain, raspberry leaves, bluebell leaves(the mertensia, not a true bluebell).

I did make it up the hill though and found yet another flowering plant.
I think this year because of the extra moisture(snowmelt) there is lots blooming on the hillside. This one an Arabis nutttalliii, i believe. a rock cress.
The flower slightly larger than yesterday's. The petals 5mm the inflorescence 1.5cm.

And last week Mary noticed that the kinnikinnick is blooming. These flowers taste delicious!

Sunrise 5.10 AM Sunset 10.46 PM


Bryan and Vikki said...

It amazes me that you are so much further north than us and yet you are way ahead in vegetation. we are at 535 metres and it is still winter here. Received another 1 inch of snow but it did not last past noon.

Faith said...

I love you :) All these posts are so wonderful. I am going to try to make a salad from our yard -- see what I can find...We have trout lilies -- my daughter eats them but says they taste a bit odd ;)

Jozien, don't ever stop recording all of this glory. Each bird landing, each many gifts.

You should see my yard -- so green now and full of weeds -- mostly dandelions-- and the crows are fighting over the compost bins in the back. I have my own little wilderness:)

christopher said...

Thanks, Jozien. :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You can eat the flowers? I'm surprised to see you have flowers up there so soon, ... but after all it is mid May. Maybe that makes sense?

jozien said...

Bryan and Vicky I think you are in a snow belt, yes? Here we are in the semi-desert:) (my place at 761m.)
Robert, every flower and bird has to be fast, because.....i am not going to say it.
Maybe it also has to do with the amount of sun light.
Thank you all for stopping by!