Monday, May 25, 2009

Wood Frog

Rana sylvatica.

Ah that was easy. It is basically the only frog in the Yukon.
I had quite the time today, identifying what i have seen. Actually, you might think because i write it down here, i recognize all those birds, insects, flowers, animals. I kind of do, but most often have to check my books.

The day started off easy. Just because Mary was here really. She sees and knows so much.
(she is off hiking in Kluane park). I caught a ride with her to go to the 911-pond.

ha, what happened? Suddenly it is almost midnight, i will finish this post in the morning. See you!

Red-disked Alpine

Red-necked Phalarope

??? hooded Merganser, but could that be?
May 31 2009. Mary suggests it is a Hooded Merganser and on the right a Horned Grebe.
Even more exciting. Thanks Mary

Anyway my friend she brings over some flowers from beside the highway, the wild sweet pea(Hedysarum mackenzii) and a gorgeous German(Ben). I get to keep only the first.
We check out my nesting Flicker, he/she (the male apparently has a moustache) is in the tree by the clothes line.
On our way driving on the highway, she spots a cute but prickly porcupine.
And from there on i am on my own again. As i come to the pond, there is one swan, from the white pair, it disappears in the marsh grass, and later walking around the pond i cannot find them (which is normal, they know how to blend in).
There is less ducks today, most have gone on to there nesting places farther north.
There are still Scaups, Gulls, Swallows, for sure.
A real treat is two Phalaropes, they nest on the far northern coast.
And the bottom photo, i hope you can tell me. yes?
and then there is quite a number of Red-winged Blackbirds, with their wonderful sound or was it song Mary?

This year actually here at the pond there is less water, then last year, and i enjoy walking closer to the pond. The butterflies stay on the ground in between the wet marsh grass and the forest. Many of those dark Alpines, with a red flash best visible when flying. On the photo you see it sitting on a big Bison poop, sorry, it just happened to be the best photo to see its pattern on the wings.

I walk elsewhere and guess what, I find those red-necked (that is not their name, but refers to the dirt on their necks) Swans. (should i put up another photo? i love those swans, but don't want to bother you with too many photos)
The build a nest in a very visible spot. I hope for them it is safe enough. I will quietly check up on them often. (Really that's no help to them of course.)

It is another gorgeous day, hot as we want it to be. In the evening some dark rain clouds come over while the sun keeps shining, a low faint rainbow appears.
I welcome the rain, as i did even do some seeding again today.
I wonder Zee, i wish as you, i could put more love into it, but i do it too fast and consequently messily. The potatoes will be OK, they are my speciality (they are easy going)


christopher said...

Jozien, this is just what came, thinking about you making notes on all the creatures. It is not a poem about you really, nor about me :) only the part where no one has commented, the blank canvas part. Otherwise this is about two different people.

The Long Path

Ah, a blank canvas
to smear my ink on,
to say anything I want,
to remark how fine
you are in the wind
with all your long hair streaming
as you scan your land
and step past the end
of the long path we once shared.

jozien said...


Faith said...

Hi Jozien:)

When I was young (even in elementary school) I used to go into the woods with a backpack full of field guides and try to identify everything I saw. You bring those memories back to me :)
I still have all my old field guides and now my daughter uses them.

I love all of your photos.
And I love Christopher's poem. Yes, that is how I see you too -- hair streaming -- scanning the land.

We have a lot of Redwing Blackbirds near here -- they are beautiful. I love their sound too.

Faith said...

I love the frog photo.

jozien said...

Thanks Faith, i will reply longer to what you say, but i am superbusy now. Love you