Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bird list

Please don't read this post.
It is going to be the most boring ever.
It's just going to be a list of birds. I tell myself; it's a more organized way of keeping data. But you know, i don't label things, and when i look for a certain post i know i wrote, i can never find it back. And why keeping data anyway?
It's a sad state of affairs, and i don't even blame it on the weather, which is right about average for what we had from October till April.
It's a good thing i do have lots of things to do today, i didn't do my regular housekeeping yet this morning. I haven't been reading much lately, neither books, newspapers nor blogs. Oh, just poetry and bills.
Ah lucky for me; lots of poems, Thanks. and not many bills.
And then i listen to music more than ever and dance. I am just talking myself out of my own misery, because looking up today, well....
Darn it!
As i listen to the music; "i wouldn't be the fool i am, if i had you...."
What kind of stupid song is that anyway.
Better get on with my list.
Like Sue's, it is kind of; what i am grateful for list.
Blessed as i am, that list is much longer than you see here.

Mendenhall meadows and 911-pond
May 11 2009

Among many more:
4 Trumpeter Swans
lots of Lesser Yellowlegs
lots of Swallows
a pair of Northern Shovelers
a pair of Ringnecked Ducks
lots of Canvasbacks
Green-winged Teals
American Wigeons
2 glorious, graceful, fast Arctic Terns
And a soaring Redtail Hawk!

"We've only just begun to live,
before the rising sun
we fly......"

Well that's better.

"sharing horizons, that are new to us....."

"and when the evening comes, we smile"

Thanks for music, i dance here, maybe you dance there with me.

??? and oops Ringnecked Duck


Redtailed Hawk


Bryan and Vikki said...

We do the same thing....recording the birds as they come back...What a joy. In the winter it is definitey The Silence of the North. But in the spring...it is a different story. Pretty soon the waves will add to the sound and sites. Love your photos and poems

jozien said...


aria said...

I dance with you ....

Welcome home!


christopher said...

I love your posts. I am glad you find yourself in the best part of the world for your nature. That's what I think anyway, that you are perfectly placed on the planet.

jozien said...

Yeh {{{Aria}}}, Amy McDonald it is!
Yeh {{{Cristopher}}} i know, thanks for reminding me.
"the sun is shining far too bright,
for it to still be night"