Sunday, May 24, 2009

wild bunny!

Well there it is, a baby animal of the wild!
A young Snowshoe Hare.
It sits on the road, not shy at all. As we walk up to it, Tara, Kathy and me, it only quietly hops back into the forest as we are only a few metres away.

I am always surprised by gifts like this. As i was just talking about it yesterday.
You might think, well that happens. To me it's more then that, and works the other way too :) As i was kind of discrediting myself for not being the perfect wilderness woman (the quad and all), that very night i am called upon not being the perfect woman, ha!

My evening walk was lovely, i came upon the first blooming Lupines! missed the setting sun, as it goes down behind the hill now. Beautiful orangy sky and owls hooting (oops i made that up, not too many owls this year.)

And here some perfect rabbit food, plantain.
I saw it blooming a few days ago.

Yesterday it was one of the flowers in the field.
A field full, i say full! of Northern Jasmine, yellow potentilla, the big faded crocuses, catching the light. And here and there a Plantain, an Arabis and a Saxifraga.
All set among the grey of the prairie sage.
(No place to set our feet, so we drove over them.)


RachelW said...

Aww, I love seeing the wild bunnies!

aria said...

what a sweet bunny!!! beautiful with the light in his ears!