Monday, May 4, 2009

not much time

I probably won't be posting again till next Sunday.
The next few days i will be quite busy, straighting
out, something of my own doing :(
And wednesday i will, hopefully having solved my situation,
go on a silent retreat here at beautiful Kluane Lake

sunday, may 2
the white crown sparrows
arrived everywhere
in big numbers
all in the same day

a gossamer wing
light blue
like my father's eyes
fluttered by, normally
not till the end of may

ravens talk you know
a language of their own
maybe more intelligible
than mine, bird brains
candace savage told us

today, monday
meeting beautiful people
while an hour later
problematic paperwork
wasting time for what?

after initial panic
still receiving love
a townsend's solitaire singing
shows its wings of gold
on a hill of purple kisses

late in the day
checking the birch
there's no sap yet
strange sounds in the woods
make me hasten my step

my footprints stain red
in the last snow
handfuls of fermented berries
is that what causes
me giddy with joy

Despite my trouble
only i will be effected
the thunderstorm
coming from the north
almost catches up on me

just a few raindrops
in these
hot hot days
i hope i can handle it


Faith said...

Jozien what a beautiful poem. All the surprising details feel like birds' sudden glorious flight.

I hope all goes well with you straightening out your problem. And that you have a peaceful and inspriring retreat.

Will look forward to your next post when it comes

much love

Zee said...

I really appreciated your poem, what a fine flow! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

mooie woorden
ik lees ze
ik lees je
ik zie het
je bent niet hier
waar ben je?
water spoelt
onder de sneeuw
het trekt
de vogels
uit de lucht

graetings willem

Anonymous said...

waar vind ik de foto's
van je bezoek aan Holland
in 2008 ???
ik kan ze niet vinden


Sue said...

I'll be watching for you to come back :)

christopher said...

I will miss you, sweetie.

RachelW said...

Take care, Jozien. I'm with you, in spirit...

Zee said...

Willemyou are still wandering about to find the grail?