Monday, October 13, 2008


Happy thanksgiving!

And i give thanks for all i got!
Waking up this morning our beautiful world here, had a dusting of icing sugar.
Sun and wind melted it quickly.

I have to say i would rather have been outside, but i busied myself in the kitchen. processing food gathered in the wild over the weekend and cooking a thanksgiving meal. I try to use as much wild and homegrown food as i can.

our dinner will be; grouse(wild) with walnut(my sisters garden) -juniper(wild) stuffing.
shrimp(Haines). roast potatoes(my garden). cooked greens and carrots (harvested today, the very last) Salad (only the carrots and onion from my own garden).
And dessert is mince meat/cranberry pie (home made moose mince meat mixed with wild cranberry preserve from Mary).
What abundance! How delicious!
Thank you Mother Nature!

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