Monday, October 27, 2008

Swans nest

Sunday, Oct 26 2008
That glorious day(see post below), when Jose and i where still sleeping, Don drove to work in a blizzard.
As i wrote yesterday; the day turned out very beautiful.

Finding the Swans nest: we cross the big pond and on the South side in between the marsh grass in one of the little ponds, there is a little island, 4 square metres. I brush of the snow, uncovering what you see, piled up grasses, with feathers and light brown, fairly big, droppings.
From the nest we continue towards the Mendenhal river, crossing different forms of frozen vegetation in the marsh.
Going over the little natural 'dike' which is densely forested. and there is the river,
an open flow of water in the middle. It is very peaceful, we spend a long time enjoying it all.
On the way back Jose pronounces it a place so beautiful, you can't describe it. Now we cross the pond straight across, there in the middle she has a different experiences altogether; one of horror, afraid to fall through the ice. Luckily for both of us she reaches the other side safely. The ice doesn't even make a sound. Which by the way it might do even when the ice is stronger.

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