Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Moose tracks

I am afraid I have fallen prey to the spirit of the hunter. This morning, Don didn't take me hunting and at 11.30 am I set of on my own. Without a gun though, not even a bow and arrow. I rather not...

Oddly enough I found myself searching for that elusive Moose.
I left my bike at the old gravel pit, and took the trail North bound. (my blue ribbon trail). On that trail are old Moose tracks, and it comes close to a meadow.

?? Half a kilometer into the trail, there is orange flagging way up on a tree above my blue ribbon, written on it is 'farmed'.
Who put it there and what does it mean? I see no vehicle tracks or human, and we are in the middle of the forest in between ridges.
Obviously I am not the only one venturing out here.

When I come to the end of the old creek bed, I go East to find that meadow. I walk in a dry bog , with small Spruce.
I realize I have turned off the trail to soon and have to go one ridge higher to the North. Soon I find it, I always love coming to openings. The meadow is yellow, surrounded by dark Spruce. The Sun is out and there is no wind. No Moose neither.
Walking onto the meadow, I sink in through a crust of ice. I stay on the South side and follow the Animal trails.
East towards where Don and I ventured yesterday.

Lo and behold on the trail there are fresh Moose tracks. Easy to see as there is still snow here. See picture, don't be alarmed, all snow, but here, has disappeared.
I follow the tracks for a while, which is not that easy. As their are several paths woven together. Exciting enough the Moose does go into the direction where Don was calling yesterday. I feel for the Moose, having gone out of his way to find the caller, having found none.
I loose its trail where the meadow ends. As there is no snow in the forest at higher ground.
I want to intercept the fire smart, and go in that direction.

The landscape here always amazes me, being formed by the Glacier.
But who or what decides , where to make gullies and ridges? I picnic on a beautiful grassy slope. Here it is summer-time warm!
I follow the slope, as there is a deep gully towards the Fire smart, full of dark trees. The grass slope makes way for ribs of bedrock.
And soon I find myself in a boulder field, full of fallen over trees, and quite heavily forested. The going is actually not that hard, as I can use the fallen tree trunks as bridges from boulder to boulder. I know it will get harder though, as I know I will get out in the old creek bed, which has very thick forest around it. Lucky for me that strip of thick forest is smaller then I anticipated.
So close to home and so many places yet to explore!

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