Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hi! I am back.
I was in Holland, visiting relatives, the last two weeks.
All very enjoyable.
For 'wild places' I choose a picture of the North Sea.
My concept of Wild Places, doesn't apply there at all. I am from, 't Westland. Which is probably one of the most build up areas, in the Netherlands.
Although this time I was happily surprised, how many places of true Beauty there where. The deep Green of the grass and trees everywhere. The amount of birds; Swans and Blue Herons everywhere. And then the dunes ,the sandy beaches and the North Sea.
I have seen many beautiful sites in Nature over there.
My all time favorite; Big Waves.


Cicero Sings said...

I'm glad you had a good trip ... but isn't it nice to be back in your own dear digs?!

We met a couple in my Aunt's nursing home who had spent many years up in the Whitehorse area ... it had been the very favourite place they had lived in. Only because he got cancer did they move south.

Lovely picture of the waves.

Anja said...

Jozien did you miss the north sea when you moved to Canada? Rien and I missed it way more that we anticipated. We still try to go every time we're back. I love the wind, the salt and the waves.