Friday, October 31, 2008

Mendenhall river

Oct.28 2008
It is snowing today. We drive with the van towards the bluff on the highway,(2km South of here) Park our van off road and find the trail towards the Mendenhall river.
It is a beautiful trail through the thick Spruce forest, through a meadow , onto the little 'dike'. And there is the river! it is almost frozen over today. In the middle there is little openings. The water black, the ice white with snow and on the edge of the water beautiful grey patterns. The river here is easy to follow, as the beavers has been very busy. We follow the meandering river and some times take a short cut as the river bends back on it self.
In the forest on these strips of land, we follow a Three-toed Woodpecker. He lets us come very close as he is hammering away.
In the meantime snow is coming down in Christmas style. And i have to pull jose away from this magical land, as the van might be snowed in and the light is fading.

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