Sunday, October 5, 2008

morning glory

It is just beautiful out. And I wonder why I am sitting behind the computer.
Everything was sparkling fresh an hour ago, now the wind has come up and only a few sparkles in the dry yellow/brown lawn are left. There is still some green in the garden and even some colors from hardy late bloomers.
I am feeding the birds again. (I quit a few weeks ago, due to bears in the area).
But the only visitor is the shining Magpie, with his loud and clear call. Is that correct? Is that his call?
This morning Don and I went out again at day break. Dark when we left. Driving towards the highway we descended in the mist. Ascending we came out again, and so did the sun. Lovely.
The higher we go the whiter the ground. Pine trees covered in hoar frost. We leave our van behind and hike on. A winter hike, wondering what to think of that.
I love the snow, but as it always comes early here, I can't say that I am jubilant.
By the time we get back home the sun is out in full force and everything starts dripping and shining and sparkling.
On the way home Don insist on checking out the mushrooms. Which are by the river in the mist. By golly we still find some 'white pearls' in the grey soil, Shaggy Manes.

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