Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oct.25 2008
Thank you Jose!
All these new pictures you see, are made by her. I am always easily overwhelmed, and am very grateful,that while entertaining, the guest takes the photos.
I made my self extra busy,with mastering the art of trapping.
Early in the morning we set of to check our traps. As the frost bites through our clothes, we figure it is at least -15 C. nevertheless beautiful. There is nothing in our snares and we take them all home. In the afternoon, I choose one snare I will set. In the spring I found a place close to my Birch trees (see stories in May/June) where there were so many tracks,it seemed the rabbits had a party. It does takes us 50 minutes to get to that spot, which means setting aside 2 hours every other day to check the snares.
The spot is close to the little meadow where I always imagine Moose coming together. Today the places is magical, but no Moose tracks. It is here where Jose takes the photos I posted. I sit at the edge of the meadow on a bunch of dead dry willow branches, it actually makes a comfortable seat. I am out of the wind and in the sun. Overlooking the meadow where the grass bends in the breeze. Around the meadow are willow and surrounding the willows are poplar and spruce. In the transition from Willows to Spruce forest, this fallen over, long time ago, Spruce.

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