Sunday, October 19, 2008

Red Squirrel midden

Good morning! The half moon is shining over a sprinkle of fresh snow covering Fridays snow.
With all this snow came my friend; Jose van de Ven, from Regina Saskatchewan, where it was 17 C. yesterday.
She comes here to walk wild places with me.
First she walks around the place in awe, We do get out for a real walk, the regular for me , but I am very happy to share it all.
In the fresh snow we see many tracks of the little animals.
Thank you all for the response on the squirrel storage place. I also did some reading up on wikkepedia. Apparently red squirrels make food caches underneath tree trunks away from the source of the food. The cache i saw was old (I like to find out
how to determine ;how old). And included many caches for Spruce cones. The field created by the left overs(non food part of the cone)
This is all is now called a squirrel midden.
By the way; Moose Skull is frozen over again, in a that beautiful blue green color.

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