Monday, October 13, 2008

Salmon fishing

Just before i took pictures of Eagles, i saw people walking around with incredible big cameras, i laughed, erroneously, at the sight of it, now standing here amidst the eagles i can see their point. I wonder if i could have gotten the perfect shot.

Oct.12 2008
In the middle of the night, Don wakes me up to see the Northern lights.
when we wake up again it is raining. We drive around town a bit; one of Don's favorite pastimes, buy a fishing licence, have coffee. And finally we settle at the Chilkat river. Here is where i was supposed to make breakfast but first i walk out in the river on a spit, towards some eagles that just sit in the low water. After that, i climb the rock across the road. It is the second time now, that i come upon a little trail, made by a kindred spirit. I like that; somebody going nowhere,just exploring.
Actually it does not and up nowhere; It is a lovely spot overlooking the river, and as i work myself through the bushes, i see more and more Highbush Cranberries. I go down to get a bag and pick over a litre of berries. Don must be getting hungry, not really, we both don't really care and snack if we feel like it. And after i visit him a bit, no fish, i walk towards the eagles again.

It is at the Chilkoot river, where i make, what is now called, lunch.
As always we have a good time at this beautiful river, but no fish.

Somewhere in the afternoon we will have to go back, as we want to be home for thanksgiving. I don't want tell you again that i was laughing at people, what a nasty person i am, but Don and i always try to stay away from the crowds. And it is interesting to see how they congregate. On our way home we drive past 'the crowds'
And finally settle on a spot where to try a few casts on more time. I am not telling
where this spot is, as it is where we got a big salmon! And you know fisherman, they don't like their favorite fishing hole broadcasted.

The Eagles are telltale anyway. Right where we park, there is one sitting high up in the tree. Later i see bear prints. All weekend we only had Seagulls fishing with us. From now on i will watch for eagles and bears , when it comes to salmon fishing. Oops, i am not the fisherman, who cares what i think.

Anyway this most amazing spot, we get to the river by walking through the forest. The forest here; big barren Poplars, big barren bushes, a thick layer of decaying leaves on the ground. It's a sight alright.
The beach; full of fist sized rocks. I gather a bag full of clear white ones, with or without lines of different colors.
The river; full of fish!
The trees across; full of eagles.
And as you see in the picture, in the background the mountains.

I continue along the river through the forest, as the beach is gravel bar.
What a commotion! Before i see it, seagulls and eagles are flying in front of me. I am approaching an inlet. On the ground are many remains of fish. I try to sneak up, but when i reach the inlet, the birds have gone, some still in the branches high up, all i find close by, right under my feet, are paw prints of a big bear!

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful - I wish I was up there with you and Jose. Jose left toen without telling me ... I would have climbed into her suitcase. It feels like heaven