Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stony Creek

Tonight Orionids meteor shower is expected to peak, according to my calander. This morning when i stepped
outside Orion was right above in the side, and falling star past through the sky.
Happy days I tell you. Yesterday morning we set off, to go up the Stony Creek trail. This walk is described in; Hikes & Bikes.
There is snow on our path, but hiking boots are still perfect for the conditions. At the end of the day mine were quite wet and i will have to put some grease
on again.
The weather is beautiful, after ten minutes we have to take of some layers. Only at the very top many hours later, we have to put some things back on.
Again there is many tracks of animals on the trail, and Barb wants to follow them all. What seems to be a wolf track goes ahead of us on and of almost all the way to the
top. Right above the tree line a Moose track crosses our path and above that there are only coyote tracks, some kind of bird and little rodents like mice.

The most beautiful prints in the snow come from the grass. Here and there are tufts of grass, their spikes (what's the word for the flowering stem of grass?)
making circles, in the snow, when the wind blew stronger then it did now.

On the way up barb also loves the shapes and bright colors of the tree roots from, long time ago, fallen over trees.
I always feel that, here in the Yukon, at least, what ever havvock Nature creates always looks beautiful.

For me the most friendly place is the tree line again, And what i love most is the rugged world above it. Today the sky is blue and the views fantastic.

On the way back we get a better look of the creek, looking down in it, Often we walk out to the edge of the bank, and that's were i took the picture above.
I zoomed it in, so what you see is a roaring creek among big boulders, the sticks probably big tree trunks.

We have some fun with the rocks in the clay bank. Is there really gold here, or is the work of the gold miner in vain?
We encouter several structures that indicate small scale goldmining.

At 5 pm when we come to the van the sun is still warm.

Later on at home it is Alexander that tells is that the sky is still clear and the stars are spectecular!

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