Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is a Please help me out, if you know a name for this phenomena.
Around here it is a common sight. For apparently many, many years the squirrels have been bringing their spruce cone harvest here.
I took this photo this afternoon, on the north side of our 'crocus hill'.
The Spruce trees you see, are actually alive, you can't see their green tops.
on their branches hangs Old Man's Beard.

Yesterday i went for an early morning walk, today a late afternoon one. Both times
the weather was incredible. It has been above zero all that time.
Plus 6 C, i believe.

I did actually set off earlier this afternoon, it was so still and soft, suddenly i felt one drop. Somewhere in the woods here i still have some logs for my very future sauna, i lifted them of the ground, so i can move them this winter, with a sleigh.
By the time i was done more drops came down, i returned home to bring in the laundry.

Then at 3pm the sun came out, and i set out for 'moose skull lake'.
Yes, it is totally not frozen!
I checked out some cranberries, but you know, what ever the reason, this year lots fell off. Most years they remain on the bushes till next summer.
From the cranberry patch i went straight up the back of 'crocus hill' and that's where I came up the ancient squirrel nest.

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Cicero Sings said...

A squirrel cache ... our little squirrel has holes like that all over our back yard ... in the rotting wood of an old downed tree. He has been madly gathering sunflower seeds and stowing them!! Bounce, bounce, bounce ... he has a trail worn!