Monday, October 6, 2008

Moose hunting

Another fine day. It's around 0 Celsius, depending on the sun if it is out and where you are. Deep in the forest on the North side of hills, there is still a skiff of snow.
Again Don and I went out this morning.
He is looking for Moose. It is hunting season and we live in an area where hunting Moose is allowed. As long as you stay 300 metres out of the subdivision. And, for meat, we mainly eat wild meat. Today deer, a road kill Don came upon one day. Our freezer also contains Bison and still some 2006 Moose. We package our meat well, and never had problems eating meat that old. Although I am trying to finish the old stuff first. I never throw anything out! Every year we do go out to hunt, as one never knows if one gets something.
This morning we left a little later as we are staying closer to home. Around 8 am.
We drive to the old gravel pit in the subdivision, turn East on the Fire smart.
I would have left the truck behind here, but Don likes to drive it very slowly over all bumps and stumps. For me, going out with Don is always a great exercise in following. Which I am not so good at, but have learned to enjoy very much.
Shaking around in the truck we are heading straight for the sun, which is just getting up. In a small space between dark tall Spruce, we see the mountains,above it bright orange and above that clear sky.
On a hill , before a bog, we park the truck, and hike North. We follow a grassy ridge, with mainly Poplar and Spruce. When the ridge ends, Zig-zagging through the woods, Sometimes thick Spruce, some times spruce bogs. In the Bog we do find game trails. Here and there we stand still and Don 'calls' the Moose.
We come upon a hill side with very tall poplars, I made pictures, but it is hard to capture the feel of walking among those tall bare trunks, colored in the morning light.
After more calls, close to another bog, we have tea.
The ground is very cold, and I start picking some cranberries and crowberries. They are not that abundant and it proves a very noisy activity; throwing frozen berries in a container.
No Moose, but lots of fire weed fluff floating around, always something special in woods.

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