Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rabbit snares

Today there is a stiff wind blowing, as if on the beach or on the top of a mountain, here in the Yukon at least.
But I am in town, and like to work on my blog. With a visitor around the house,time flies.
Tuesday and Wednesday we did several short walks. Our main focus to set some rabbit shares. Jose knows how to cook it. And i phoned Garry; how to make a snare, how to set it and how to give thanks to the animal.(Thanks Garry).

Last night; Around 5pm, it is still light , but we decide to take flash lights, which is a wise decision as it gets dark pretty fast.
And we do have to search about a little for our snares.
Earlier that morning we did find the perfect rabbit trail, and it is there that we find our snares are disturbed. Maybe next week we will make; one snare on the perfect spot. For now I doubt we catch anything, which is totally OK with me.

Our other walks all included finding trails and later setting snares. We did and up, on one walk, at Moose Skull lake, which is frozen, i stood on the ice, walked out, 3metres from the shore, some cracking sounds send me rushing back. The lake is pretty shallow, not to worry.
Jose marveled about how picture perfect our little lake is. We ended up at Elfin creek, which flows out of the lake. Magical as ever. Under the ice we here the rushing water, and at some of the little falls, there is still open water. This year even here are the high bush cranberry. Now on the bare branches. The bark bright red. This plant is also called Crampbark, and said to be good for menstrual cramps, i wonder if it has to with the color of the bark.
What a powerful place.

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