Saturday, October 18, 2008


Oct. 15 2008
Last day of Fall weather! and a beautiful one. Mary and i met at 9 am at the Takhini Saltflats. Blue sky and pink clouds above the barren ground. All color of the flats have disappeared. the first pond is frozen. The water of the second one, by lack of other colors, looks an incredible light blue green. Coming towards it looking through the bleached dead fall.
There's is some ducks in the pond, Oh, I forgot which ones.
In the distance on the other side we see something white. Ducks? and we imagine all sort of things. Till Mary resolves the mystery when at the the third pond we see white foam at the edges. There is more waterbirds, but they are weary of us.

The weather man predicts snow, but on this sunny walk it seems unlikely, not so ,next morning the world is white and wet snow falls all day.

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