Monday, October 20, 2008

Sand and ice

A family of 5 at Mendenhall Landing

Today we drive out to Kusawa Lake. The road is actually pretty good,i don't think this road is maintained and sometimes this winter it will become
four wheel drive. It is lightly snowing today. We stop at the Landing, before i stop Jose spots Swans at the far end. See photo; two adults and 3 cygnets! there are also two ducks. As i stand around to take pictures the Swans fly back up the Mendenhall river honking loudly
as we stay a minute ,the honking resumes, and the Swans fly over in South Eastern direction.
The drive along the Takhini River is as always beautiful, here at this river, there's often Dippers in the winter, but today we saw
them at Stony Creek where we went to get water earlier.
At the lake we do the beach walk, where the creek comes out things are always different, Today we can easily cross, there is many little channels, bordered with ice. The sand forms beautiful patterns.
Chat, chat, chat, we are home at 4pm.

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