Saturday, October 10, 2009

view of the mountains

Today we had a low cloud coverage, then there was a stripe of blue sky right at eye level where the mountains are and then clouds spilled out of those mountains settling in the valley.
It was an ever changing sight. A sight to behold.

Now sitting here, i don't know how to trim the photos and if i should and i don't know which to post anyway. My goal always is; one photo per post.

Life is that way; i still believe (help me out if you know different), i can only be in one place at the time, and multi-tasking, which was never my thing, is out. That leaves one choice in every moment, out of infinite possibilities. (It's not fair, if like me at the moment, you feel you are not exactly where you want to be, but you can't be where you want to be without immense consequences, and i add, even if it would fall in place as you imagined, for one the fact that what ever you do, there is others involved, and i have learned, they have dreams of their own. Etc, etc.

Knowing all that, even if you can live with all those consequences, plus accepting the way others imagined it, and the etceteras, you are still going to be you. Ha and maybe that is my problem, there is still me, always me.

And these days i like to cheat a bit in life, like have my cake and eat it too.
Here i cheat too, and will post more pictures on my flickr account; je zon.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Are you fortunate enough to have a view of these amazing mountains right from your home?

jozien said...

This photo, i took from the Alaska highway, close to home.
I see mountains from my home, but through the trees.
Jo-jo peak, (see photo a few days back) is one that peaks through the trees, looking at me through my window. The one i look at right now from my desk here, is Kelvin mnt. I have posted him before,
very fortunate indeed, thanks.

Liz said...


This line here -- all those possibilties and one choice!

"That leaves one choice in every moment, out of infinite possibilities."

It is so difficult sometimes, isn't it?

The photo is so beautiful.

"Still me, always me"

I know exactly what you mean...
What you have written here -- well, I understand your words so well. They fit me in my life....

Wise Woman you are...