Saturday, October 3, 2009

Harvest Moon

It is a full moon tonight. To be exact, here in the Yukon it will be full in a half hour or so, just after 11PM. (we are Pacific Daylight Time, i think.)
I would like to wait for a better picture, but by now the sky is totally cast over.
I also would like to write a nice poem about the moon. But i am just glad to sit down peacefully by now.
I did had a very nice time at a bonfire at the neighbours, but when i got home and tried to make a photo of the moon shifting in and out of sight. I had to figure out, again, how i change the exposure time on my camera (finally: put setting on TV and with the arrow pad change the exposure time, i think i did 1.5 sec. for this shot).

Then I can't find a calender in the whole house, when i find one, it doesn't say an exact time anyway. Ah i did find that on the Internet, eventually.
Then my husband comes home, very nice, with a special cookie; Lotus Seed w/2 yolks.
I am not going to find out what it means, maybe you know, but apparently it has to do with this moon.
But then he tells me i had let the water tank run dry. Oops. "well, why is that my responsibility!?" Oh, i am home all day, and my men they work 10 hour days.
Luckily there is water in the outside tank, and while i transfer it to the inside one, i still fuss about my own calender i can't find. It's OK.
Because now i will have my cookie,
Have a magical one!


RachelW said...

I love this moon. She hid behind the clouds here last night, but they were all lit up from behind, so I knew she was there, somewhere. The kids and I made our fullmoon cookies this morning, in celebration.

jozien said...

Yes, and it seems tonight will be similar.
So what is it with full moon cookies?