Sunday, October 25, 2009

my two ravens

My sale yesterday went quite well. And it definitely inspired me to do more paintings. As i get my self ready this morning to do another one. One in the series that i didn't name yet. I paint about how i see the ideal love relationship. :) Nude.(any suggestion for a name are welcome, i don't name every single painting, just naming a series. I have: 'flowers, mountains and the sky', 'my own skin', 'ice', and this relationship one, which is typically, that i don't have a name yet)

As i do the dishes, out of kitchen window i watch these Raven for a half hour at least. What a beautiful image for what i see as true love. Before i start taking pictures, it's actually the bird on the right that sits hunched down and receives the loving. But when i spotted them first i went: "oh my God, there is my two ravens kissing.

hmmm 5 pictures. i know that's where i am hard to love, because as in love too, i will state one thing and flow on to the next, not always taking into account the ones who love me. As here on blog i recently stated that i always like to do one picture per post, well here you go. FIVE. And it is all very plausible to me.


Liz said...

So glad your sale went well!

Beautiful pictures! 5 photos! But one lovely moment.

Thank you for sharing!!

RachelW said...

Oh, I love the ravens! What a sweet pair!

Anonymous said...

au au koppie krauw
bird love

Anonymous said...

You are not similar to the expert :)