Friday, October 16, 2009

taking risks

Early this morning the sky was still clear. The night skies have been incredible the last few days, clear and no, or only a little, moon. So it's been freezing, and 2inches of ice on the little lake (Moose-skull lake).
At dawn it starts snowing lightly, very quietly, then harder. It sounds like the blood rushing in your ears, that sound. Now quiet again every sound muffled and the world totally white, and bigger flakes.
Anyway so already early i rush to the lake, to skate, when the ice is still clear.
As you see it ain't.
I skate close to the shore. never do as i do, because ice good for skating has to be 4 inches thick. So i take risks, staying close to the shore, so at least i can climb out of this shallow lake. Skating fast enough, so i can glide over soft spots, 3x i hear ominous cracking, not like the big cracks, that happen because of the ice moving or freezing harder, those are safer than the ones i hear. Natural ice is never totally safe.
And of course not skating too fast, because i don't want to crash onto the ice :)

I think we all take risks. And my next post, which i will do right away, will be for Darryl Tait, who to us outsiders obviously is a risk taker.
I believe we all take risks, even if we choose not to take risks, their is a risk in just that, right? And i think, maybe erroneously, that i always know what i am doing, even if i don't quite know. And really we never know anyway. I am grateful for every day i'm alive.
I am sure, you all in a certain way agree, with me. I would like that very much, because....


Bryan and Vikki said...

Sure hope it's a very shallow lake.....out here we have learned to never trust the lake. Even with 40 " of thick ice....just like that there is a BIG openning under the snow. But it sounds like you had fun. good for you

jozien said...

Yes? It is very shallow. In summer, i'm fond of saying; it is so shallow my boobs hang in the soft mud when i swim in it.

christopher said...

I can't quite get the picture out of my head of your boobs smearing up mud from the lake bottom as you swim :)