Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I got this note from Hetty once, today I picked it up out of a basket on the porch. I don’t know who wrote it, it is titled;
Refresh Your Resolution. Smile at Your Destiny.
“Rumi said, ours is not a caravan of despair. Trust his words. Believe him. Ours is not a caravan of despair. How could it be? We have entered the moonlit year, and it holds eternal spring. Remember, it’s so new. It’s so bright. It’s so transparent. It’s so tender, so caring, so mysterious. It’s delightful and promising. It sparkles meaningful to you. You maybe embarrassed about some of them, even if you never tell a soul. Therefore, it is very important to look at each resolution through the eye of the heart. Ask yourself, how does it go down? How does it sit inside? What is that deep feeling? Is it putting you at ease? Or is it creating havoc? Look at it from the eye of the heart. It will tell you the truth, yes the heart tells the truth.”

At around 1PM the sun came out. Even if I wish I couldn’t be contained in the house.
In a dress, stockings and a light sweater I set off towards my mountain. I drink lots of water before I go and only take my camera. These days I feel burdened by even a light pack.
The world is sparkling today, what did I say yesterday? Anyway then, I did not know what diamonds looked like. It all smells lemony and of decay, mmmmm.
I walk North, up hill my back to the Mountains in the South. Elfin Creek is full and flowing among golden brown leaves, red high-bush cranberries. I have another drink out of a black pool, brown leaves at the bottom.
The path through the swamp is springy mossy and grass puddles. On the path into the drumlins, it does start drizzling and I sit for a while under a big spruce.
Then I turn around, and see;
The sparkling lake, the dark forest a sky full of wild clouds and the solid white mountain tops.
It rained in Mendenhall yesterday, some wet snow, but apparently Whitehorse beat us to it; lots of snow.
Now I see my mountain that I am walking up, it is speckled with snow.
Ahhhhh beautiful.
I walk through the little dip before the foot of the mountain, carefully not to rub to many spruce branches they are full of water, which I lick from their tips.
Climbing up the rocks. In the bottom they are dry and sunny. Soon I come upon little rivelets among the boulders and over the bedrock. The moss brightened up in places that regularly get the run-off.
I have to watch my step going up the slabs of bedrock, it’s slippy on the wet , and soon turns even icy. In between the rock, the saxifrage and grass is covered in snow.On the top of the North side there is snow on the rocks. I sit and enjoy, the sky is constantly changing, clouds in the bright blue . A rain shower in the South East. And when a big gray one with a golden lining covers the sun I go down.
Soon walking into the sunlight again walking on a path of diamonds.


christopher said...

Jozien, this is lovely, makes me yearn.

jozien said...

Thanks :)