Friday, October 23, 2009


Ahh i lived through that dreary day yesterday, in the evening the wind started blowing and in the night i woke up from rain pelting down on the roof. Not just, something is better than nothing, but i love wild weather. The wind on my skin;
“bien dans sa peau”
And this morning the neatest thing happened, as i was reading Laurel's comment at my last post, i remembered my dream i had last night.

Yesterday on - that day -, i had a nap, and i already had, another, amazing dream. Dream: At one point i came to this pond, which was very colorful, as in deep dark blues, greens and yellows, because of vegetation under the surface. I dove in the pond flying over the weedy parts and diving in the dark deep blue, flying out again and diving in again. The way dreams are there was much more to it. There was a big river, i couldn't cross, because the bridge broke open, bears swimming in the water, high rise buildings and an aspect of loneliness.
Last night's dream was equally amazing, and i only remembered it vaguely after reading Laurel's words.(thanks Laurel). Dream: I delivered a baby, by myself, squatting, thinking; oh, the second one is easy. (in real life, i gave birth to one (Alexander) and went through natural, but very painful, labor) In my dream the baby was healthy and all, but there my dream disappears from my memory. hmmmm now what does that all mean?

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