Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surf Scoters

It rained last night and as i step outside there is a light drizzle, I first bring in the half dry laundry. (who out there doesn't have a dryer? Dryers guzzle up energy you know:) Now my laundry is laying here on the couch half wet. And this moment the sun is shining. Here in the Yukon, never bring in laundry when it rains! that costs a lot of energy, because now i have to hang it up again, and it probably would have been dry by now, if i had left it outside.
Hey, but i wasn't going to talk laundry. I went to check the state of the ice :) in my rubber boots this time, i thought i might need them.(i did get a wet foot, breaking through the ice, tuesday) I find little left of the ice, but i see two birds, on my moose skull lake which has been practically deserted all summer.
A pair of Surf Scoters.

I walk all around the lake, through the wetland
I thought i might like to paint something like this, in my own colorful way. Alexander says all my paintings look the same. I guess they do. Hey, i am still working on my skills and developing some latent talent, but i do like to tell you, that i have an exposition in the Victoria Faulkner women's centre (only for woman). Alexander doesn't want to look or talk about the other paintings i do, a series i call; my own skin. So i figured it is maybe only suited for women. No i am just kidding, the women's centre was just looking for some art to brighten up the place and of course to help us women. It's a wonderful place by the way.

To get back to my walk, i found this interesting fungus on a willow bush.
If you are familiar with it, please let me know what it is. Thanks

It was lovely out there by the way, you know me. Although i do love ice (it must be something Dutch, as you two from Holland responded to my ice post, Thanks!!!)
but rain or shine, i love it all.


fireweedmeadow said...

No dryer either. Apparently they use more power than all other appliances in the home combined! To me laundry is really only "clean" if it smells of sun and wind, and maybe had an extra rinse thanks to the rain.

jozien said...

Ah, we are so lucky, being able to wear "clean" clothes. Thanks, i like the way you say it, and the extra rinse, i keep that in mind :)