Friday, October 16, 2009

for Darryl Tait

Hang in there kid!!!
I met you once, i think. It was you right, laughing happily?
It was one of those change meetings, where i was left with a feeling; who was that neat kid.
Darryl appeared in my yard one day, a few weeks ago, with a bunch of kids (these are young adults really, sorry) Alexander was not home, so i talked to them by the door. They introduced themselves, and it was you Darryl wasn't it, the gangly, cute, blond one? Then i didn't know you were a top sportsman. All i saw was this kid laughing happily, looking at me moving towards the trampoline with the tramp-bike on it.
I had the feeling you wanted to try it out. Did you? You have to tell me one day! And now i wish, i would have said something; like; "hey, go ahead". But i know what went through my head; "Jozien, those are not little kids that want to play with Alexander's toys." of course now i wish, i did say; hey, go ahead.
Darryl you don't really know me, and you don't have to answer this, or come to use the trampoline, but i sincerely hope you jump again, maybe not quite the way you did, but using your own legs, and jump a jump of joy, because you are totally able again!!!! All the very best! I will send you this by mail, i don't think you'll be reading my blog:) And through your sledding friends on the internet, i will keep track of your progress.
Hey thanks for having met you, even if it was briefly.
( Who ever does read this, Darryl is in the hospital now and i like to say, he can use any good thoughts we have, thanks)


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Hopefully Daryl is alright. Your writing appears to be in free-thought of the time you first met him, and then forwarding ahead to him being in the hospital. Wishes from Florida for him to have a speedy recovery!

jozien said...

Thanks for the wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

Jozien, Thanks for the lovely post. I forwarded it to Darryl's mom and dad. I've seen you before though i don't know you but i was touched by your anecdote and kindness. Darryl is a wonderful kid.