Friday, October 2, 2009


It is snowing lightly.
And as the day is breaking,
objects, bushes, grass and dead leaves on the ground
are dusted in white.
The snow melting on rocks and gravel ground.
I can't help it; I LOVE WINTER.
The month of October, i will see it come and go,
like a drumbeat
or the ripples on the Lake
Till it's here to stay.


Bryan and Vikki said...

We love winter also.....there is complete quietness, complete comfort, complete storms. Always white on white. It is a wonderful season.

TechnoBabe said...

This will be our second winter in Nebraska and we have everything we need this year after the trial and error last year. I will be reading your blog to hear what sorts of things you do in winter, but my guess is that you have way more snow where you live than we do here. Still, I like the sound of you liking winter and enjoying the unique things of that season.

jozien said...

Thanks! Today it rains, a truck from the south of town drives in the yard with an inch of snow on it. It does look scary that way. It makes me feel happy with rain.:)