Monday, October 5, 2009



autumn in the bush
i step outside
a world of browns
on this rainy day
i forgot about brown
brown is a color to, you know
maybe i am a growing up?
no young child knows brown
at first
first they’ll know
sky, strawberries and the sun,
pink and purple, orange
even black and white
I like bright colors
I like it white or black
happy, mad or sad
is everything
telling me; grow up
live this life of in between
do I really have to know?
love mixed with hope of healing
this color brown
it doesn’t really bring me down
it just
it’s brown

and it brightens after i've been crying


it’s raining diamonds
here today
are you in with me
can you also see
everything so sparkling wet
do you see that kiss
stolen from red lips
do you see
that sun ray reaching
two lovers on a yellow beach
do you see them
swimming nude
clear sky, water blue
come with me
and tell me
peachy secrets
around a blazing fire
ahhhh now I see
I see you and me


Sue said...


jozien said...

You smile at me, with me or at the writing, or... or all ?
What means <3? Is it twitter language. :) with you.