Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my own....

Skin :) Right now it is snowing. Covering the ground fast.
An i am glad i did go skating this morning. The ice was a little rippled, but good to skate on.
I didn't get any good pictures, and nothing out of the ordinary happened.
So i figured i might as well post a picture of my self.
Which is an interesting thing to do.
How much is one wanting to share of oneself on-line?
I am not very shy in general, but....
Hey, it doesn't look like me at all, anyway!
It's snowing heavier now.
Beside skating for an hour, i was painting today. See the new photo in the right hand column, they are Christmas tree decorations (5"/13cm long).
to sell in the craft sales i am planning to attend.
It's a white world out there.

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Sue said...

I love it!
Whether or not it looks like you, it's really good...