Thursday, October 22, 2009

too many needles in the forest

where's the beauty and the love
where's that Yukon splendour
really, you tell me
i go through motions
things needing to be done
the sky monotonous gray
the land no single color
it's not even crisp and cold
i know
no one said it all be easy
nobody promised it'll be fair
like a mother's warning:
watch me
he'll be nothing but trouble
when did i ever listen
drawn to the wild
my glorious mountain
who dared to tell me
i could not climb it
i wish i had curtains
to draw them shut
keep it all out
thinking i would be dancing
all the way to the top
i bring in the wood
not warming me
i haul the water
no refreshment
this life in the bush
it did take me 20 years
to have a day like this


Nicolas said...

A nice poem again ;)

Laurel said...

Twenty years? Not bad at all . . . city living will give you a day like that at least once a week. Speaking of "this life in the bush," have you ever read Deanna Kawatski's book Wilderness Mother about her life up in Northern BC, building the house, making the garden, having her babies right there on a path in the woods . . . An amazing book that inspired me to leave the city behind, though I have never dared live as deep in the wilderness as she, or as you, I suspect.


jozien said...

Thanks, and i'll look for that book.