Monday, October 12, 2009

The ravine

Today i walk to the little ravine in the back here.
I have been there many times over the years, found it quite by accident.
Years back i made a trail towards it. At some places i can still see markers that Sue put on the ground. Our boys where still little, when we worked on this trail.
Mary laughed at me that i lost this trail again, so today i set out to mark it, again. The reason it's hard to find, because nobody but me, and maybe Sue knows it. Some trees have fallen over the trail.
First i even miss the ravine. Which really is never hard to find, once you know it, i was too focused on the trail.
The ravine is a wonderful place for boys to play and little animals to live, I find several dens with entrances full of droppings, rocks stained white from feces.
It's hard to take pictures, the light too bright and shade too dark. And it's overgrown and surrounded by big trees. From the top i see the lake, which is 3 quarters frozen again, I see the mountains turning whiter every day. I peer in the depths and descend, looking up from below i make this picture. It doesn't even show the height of the walls, some 30 feet at the deepest place. The narrowness, the steepness of the terrain inside, I wonder how it was when water was rushing through here.It doesn't show all the chickadees i met today and the large family of grouse, moving noisily from tree to tree when i was among them. It doesn't show very much at all, not even my mood.

Today i read this poem, that shows you that :)


Murallas azules, olas,
del Africa, van y vienen.

Cuando van...
Ay, quien con ellas se fuera!

Ay,quien con ellas volviera!
Cuando vuelven...

by Rafael Alberti


The waves, blue walls
of Africa, go and come back.

When they go...
Ah, to go with them!

Ah, to come back with them
when they come back...

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aria said...

First I thought that somewhere in between you learned Spanish :-) !
But there was the translation...
The Spanish one is beautiful as well, simple words, deep meaning!
big hug from Groningen