Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fairy Falls

I keep thinking about Darryl.
I don't know his family or friends well enough to contact them on how he is doing.
So i checked the Internet again. And found the circumpolar blog from a man named George.
But somehow it was very hard for me to leave him a comment, or after probably confusing my computer, to even get back the post George left about Darryl.
You know me, i sometimes do end up, where i feel totally inadequate working the computer.
Thinking of Darryl, my struggle here very insignificant to his.
And to Darryl i say: Miracles happen!!! You know that, right?

I did see Darryl before, i realize after reading George's blog. He is this great kid!
I have seen him snowboarding. (his accident was with the snowmobile).
Talking guilt. I just said to someone, i am not much into that, erroneously so.
Like now i realize, when bad things happen to people, i go back at what i could have done different. Which i realize is totally useless, i guess. But i just want to say it here.
Darryl could have smiled at me, that day i talk about in my last post, because he recognized me. If, if i only had recognized him too, things would have been different.
And that is true, right? In a way. How? See, i can't figure it out.
Right now my thoughts are spinning. And i know the answer is simple. What at the end is this life all about?????

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aria said...

What all is this life about?
Not about guilt! That's for true.
Guilt is waste of time, waste of energy.
You can't change things, you can't conduct life of others. If I (you) would have done this, if I (you)would have done that? Why do we all (?) ask these questions?
But what is this life about then?

It's about giving and receiving. In the present.

Or, like Dr. Wayne Dyer says: "Be an observator and a receiver instead of the imperative conductor of your life".