Friday, October 23, 2009

pink light

I don't want to keep complaining here, but i still didn't find my bearings yet. I found when i started blogging, the first year or so, it was all straight as an arrow. I knew exactly what to do and what to write. Reading Christopher's poem, i know he is right. I am in a curve, trying to find my direction.
The light was beautiful tonight!!! Everything in a pinkish glow, how much that does for a bleak world!
Earlier i went for a long stroll. See i am not even walking, not to imagine hiking, just strolling through the woods. wonderfully. Some trees had blown over, maybe last night. And as strolling doesn't get me very far, i was at Moose Skull Lake again. And the ice! it's smooth like glass and very slippy now with a film of water on it.It's not going to be totally clear, more like smoky glass. I also climbed the hill here to the East and for my longing for a straight arrow, this poem came to me.:)

as i climb upon the rocks
where the old shore line used to be
i feel you beckoning me
the yellow grass rippling
my body quivers
if i listen
i can hear long ago
the water splashing against the shore
turning stone into sand
once again i am soft clay

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Liz said...

Beautiful Jozien. I think the curve is what life is all about. You never sound as though you are complaining! I love where your words go and the curves they take you on ... I follow and find myself there... also soft clay....