Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trumpeter Swan

Cygnus buccinator
At the mouth of the Takhini River.
Kusawa lake

At noon Virginia and I leave, to try some fishing at the river. Our plan is to go to the fishing hole at the first campground, where we were two days ago.
Ha, but in a distance we see one camper, we didn't want to disturb them now, did we.
Virginia drove on, through some mighty big puddles that is. It's a four wheel drive road, the brown muddy water splashing up way above the hood.
But i am saying nothing, secretly excited that she might drive on, all the way to the end; Kusawa lake. I have not been there all winter.
We stop in between puddles at a fishing hole at a beautiful bend in the river. It is bright and sunny, but the wind cool. We dress up, and Virginia tries a few casts.
I walk the ice shelves on the bank of the river. The water and sky bright blue the clouds white, the ice shelves white with blue underneath as they are turned up calving in the river. The water at the rapids sparkling. The only birds some Grey jays who seem to be eating the bugs of the ice.
No fish, the wind cold, we drive on.
make a stop at the mouth of the river. And drive on to the end.
The lake is still frozen, some skidoo trailers parked at the dock, the skidoos far away on the lake.
We walk the road over the glaciated ice, where the mudslides might come down again this spring, have a picnic.
Driving back, loving everything, we do comment on the lack of birds. And as Virginia says; it's a dead zone, in the same sentence she says, look there!
Four Swans! There we are at the photos above!
No fish, but this is a greater sight to catch, for me.


Anonymous said...

wauwww wat is het weer mooi daar bij jou. mooie foto's van de zwanen en het meer, fantastisch.
ik wordt er verliefd op.
Je bent een bofkont Jozien, dat je zulke mooie natuur om je heen hebt. Geniet er van, dat doe ik van je blog

groetjes Willem

Sue said...

The swans are beautiful.

Signs of spring, I guess, kind of magic and majestic.

I think of you walking on those ice shelves on the bank, and I wonder, is it safe? Do they slide off into the water? Be careful! :)

Bryan and Vikki said...

Oh!!!! I can't wait until we hear the first swans coming to land. But even thou we are south of you we have no open water yet. Spring is magical

Cicero Sings said...

Even open water in your neck of the woods! And swans! Glad you had a good drive with your friend. Oh the mud of this season.

Anja said...

Snow water birds and mountains what a beauty in the wild.