Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dark-eyed Junco

April 18 2009, first Junco at the feeder.

April 17 2001 - 1 Junco
April 23 2005 - lots of Juncos
April 3 2006 - 1 Junco in the garden
April 21 2007 - Juncos in the garden
April 29 2008 - Juncos around
May 6 2008 - in the garden


christopher said...

Making A ListEach year I wait, count,
list your appearance nearby,
wonder if you will
come to me again.

I write cryptic notes like this:
-in the garden, and
-again under tree
I add the time and date.

Then I search the place
where you were, looking
for some sign, feather adrift
bent twig, a footprint.

Cicero Sings said...

We came home last night to a yard hopping with Juncos. This is the first year we've had so many!