Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday, i was called in to work an extra day. I always squirm a bit. And give Fabiola a hard time, that i don't really want to come in. But she is the best employer i ever had. And really i should be way more grateful. Because i get to look after her 'fairies' . No elves around yesterday.
And they always teach me sooo much.
She has a dayhome for 2to5 year olds. I take over for her one afternoon a week.

Outside playing in the snow; Jozien, come look! They find some feathers in the snow.
We gather them all and, look at there beauty, feel their softness, stuff them in pockets and wonder what had happened.
And i do believe, looking at their spots and the softness of the feathers, they were owl feathers. which is very sad indeed.
Later Gwen, the poet among us. Calls me that she saw a Raven in the sky dropping a feather. It happens to be an Bald Eagle, and it probably did drop a feather. We all look up at the sky.
playing, playing, but often they hear the birds and look up to listen. And we love to fly.

And i end here with a poetic line from Gwen, which she came up with last summer, 4 years old.

lets follow the bug!
it will bring us to the bird

And here a bird of prey, they've been arriving or on their way through.
Which one is this?

Thank you all! A Hawk it is, most likely.

. Snow Fleas

I had a post about these tiny bugs a few days ago. I did get some information wrong. I changed that post and here is a website to read about them.


Murray said...

It's not an eagle - a red-tailed hawk perhaps.

jozien said...

Thanks Murray, you could be right, we looked at that. What makes you think so?

Cicero Sings said...

Hi Jozien,

I'm glad you had a fun day with the little ones.

In my entry today I talked about sledskating ... have you seen this? There is a company in Whitehorse makes them ... I thought you might be interested. Looks like fun. They will go in soft snow with wider skis attached. Links on my site.

Sue said...

Springtails is a better name than snow fleas, I think.

I love hanging out with little kids, they are always so much more real. But often tiring... they have so much energy.

I thought it looked like a hawk, from the shape of it's beak... but I'm not a real birder, so I don't really know.

Murray said...

It has very much a hawk head rather than that of an eagle. The mask face and dark eyes are fairly distinctive for a red-tailed hawk (though not exclusively so I'm not completely certain it's a red-tailed).

Bryan/Vikki said...

It might also be a Rough-Legged Hawk or possibly a Harlan's Red Tailed Hawk. It is not an Eagle. It is an event when all the birds start coming back one by one. Spring is wonderful!!!!