Thursday, April 16, 2009

Takhini river

The mountain bluebirds arrived!!!!
Don saw them yesterday , and i today.
No picture though, only pictures of the Takhini river flowing.

The ice is candling on the sides and will soon break away in long candles. The picture taken from the top.

And bugs, lots of bugs. Tomorrow we, Virginia and me, might try to fish for some grayling. Don says though they don't go for the bugs, they are spawning. When they are there.

This morning Virginia and i first go snowshoeing, the weather very lovely humid, no wind and cloudy. Very, very soft, we put our ears to trees to see if we are sensitive enough to hear them talk.

After lunch we decide to go out to see the river. Swans had stopped at her farm this morning, i figure the closest open water would be the river. No swans in sight though.
We have a lovely time walking on the ice shelve attached to the shore.

Looking at all the beautiful ice formations.


Faith said...

Can you hear the trees talk? Yesterday we were walking and my daughter listened to a tree...and she heard noises within...

I love to see your photos...the ice is so pretty

jozien said...

Thanks faith.
Virginia like your daughter has heard things.
I am going to listen more often.:) These trees they do tell me things though.

Gen said...

You are my outdoor herald. Thanks for the springtime blow by blow. Your pics are beautiful!