Friday, April 24, 2009

the crocuses are out

"The crocuses are out",
a young listener from the Junction.

the crocuses are out
how can i ever be sad again

i step outside
i see something
in the far trees
it's snowing there
soon surrounding me
flakes are getting thicker
totally covering the ground

the crocuses are out
how can i ever not be delighted

i could
climb the hill
i might
see a purple petal
sticking out through snow
it would
be a confirmation

a scent lingering
a groove in the mattress
or a petal in the snow
the crocuses are out
the moment ever fleeting
i didn't even see it yet

Inspired by the kid on the radio, and christopher and rachel

It's still snowing
heavier now
any sign of purple petals gone
grace remains :)


Faith said...

Beautiful. I love the crocuses. Ours are all done now. Today it will be quite warm here. It always seems to come so slow and then happen too fast. Your poem is so lovely. So true.:)

RachelW said...

Oh, wonderful! I must go purple-spotting this weekend! The kids will be so delighted...

christopher said...

Jozien, at Faith's blog, there is a gift for you and here is another.

An Artist's Dream

When East knows spring comes
she gives crocuses to North,
purple ones and gold,
sends the Western man
into fits of bearded glee
to know the kindness
of light and song, sun
and fine Southern exposure,
all an artist's dream.

Anonymous said...