Tuesday, April 28, 2009

summer heat

OK it is 17 C right now, (63 F) and it is hot. In our Yukon summer most days will not feel this hot.
With the snow we had, there is lots of running water, little creeks everywhere, where i have never seen a creek. I even saw a little waterfall coming of a normally dry rock face.
And yes i saw my first crocus this year! Just one group, that's it.

And several Butterflies!
This the Mourning Cloak.
Look a the ragged edges, this is an hybernating butterfly, this the last stage of it's life. John Acorn
in Butterflies of Alberta says it will live until June.

I also spotted what i think was a Fritillary, which seems early!
It was here in the yard so i might see it again, there is still almost 4 hours of sun light left in our Northern day.

Ah this morning didn't start so glorious though, for me that is.
I wanted to make it out to my 2 Birch trees that i tap for sap, as this is not Birch country, they are, on a good day, an hours walk north.(growing only on north slopes here)
Today it took me way longer, i tried to go when the ice path was still frozen.
No such luck, i fell through, many steps, especially on the way back. (of course) Anyway the buckets are there and the holes drilled out.


Rien said...

Jozien Do you need cold nights and sunny days for the sap to run like sugermaple's ?

Faith said...

Hi Jozien:) 63 degrees sounds perfect! It got too hot here too soon for a few days and we are all wilting. Back to normal tonight.

The Mourning Cloak is beautiful. I haven't seen any butterflies here yet. Last summer there were lots of Mourning Cloaks on the hill where I walk. They would always surprise me somehow. :)

jozien said...

Same thing Rien,
i have to check my blog, for when it ran last year.:)

Faith, yes! butterflies do that to me too. We have to come up with a poem, about that, somehow. yes?

Cicero Sings said...

Those crocus are lovely. 17 degrees is just about right in my books!

christopher said...

So I went on Google and found that people use birch sap in different ways, what do you do with it?

Faith said...

And I give thanks to the Mourning Cloaks
rising on their wings like daggers in my heart.
They stop my breath and remind me
of those who are gone from me.

That was from one of my poems. :)
Yes...I think we could come up with many poems for what butterflies do for us:)

Sue said...

I think it was about 63 F here today too!!! Our weather is meeting in the middle, and I think about global warming...

I love butterflies, but there aren't too many around here. Too many people and pesticides. I see moths more than anything.

jozien said...

When i get away from here, i am of to the birch trees.
I will collect the sap, and just drink as it is.
It is my spring elixir!

giving thanks to butterflies
fluttering away from me
never quite,
being able to catch them
they tell me
of things to come
not yet within my grasp

Anonymous said...

kro-kussen en vlinders
de liefde gevat in kleuren
en geuren / de natuur verdrijft
het ijs