Friday, April 17, 2009

Northern Harrier

Last night i saw some 15 swans flying over. They flew following the power line, which is parallel to the highway; East to West, coming from Marsh lake.
Every year i keep data of all these events (not in any organized way though)
As for the swans at the 911 pond:
2006 April 11 - 2 swans
2007 April 18 - 7 swans (on frozen pond)
2008 April 21 - swan footprints on wet ice
2008 April 17 - 2 swans at Mendenhall landing.
So the swans are right on schedule.
Al though i did not see them at the pond.

Early this morning i set of to go check. My husband offered me a ride which i did not decline, as to get to the pond i have to walk on the highway for 5 km one way.
He was going to collect 'the money' strewn along the highway (beer cans, recycling money)
As it will we drive the same speed as a Northern Harrier
(25 km p/h)

Circus cyaneus

A circus it was, me trying to take pictures through Don's open window.

I think i wanted to post these photos in opposite order. (with posting pictures on the blog, you have to kind of think backwards.)

Don drops me off at the road to the pond, and carries on. I will probably walk all the way back, as we don't live on time here. I never know where i end up and he neither. It is a beautiful arrangement :)
I have a beautiful walk, but no swans at the pond, which is still frozen.
No swans at the mendenhall river South of it, which has a little open water, where we got stuck with the skidoos a few weeks ago.
I walk back on the west side of the pond, no birds.
I walk back to the highway.
And lo and behold, (which often happens to us,) that husband and i are totally in tune.
As i step on the highway, he drives by. And is kind enough to pick me up.

On the way home we see a Horned Lark.

And here in the garden a Varied Thrush.
Ixoreus naevius


Anja said...

There may have been no swans but the bird pictures are pretty cool. How many choices do you have when you want to go for a ride. Just east or west on the highway?

Sue said...

Wow! The photos are amazing! My husband wants to know, did you use "burst mode"? By which I think he means, can you just hold down the shutter and take a bunch of pictures without stopping?

jozien said...

Anja, what kind of ride are we talking? For cars it's just, the Alaska highway, east or west.
Ah... Sue, it was a circus in every possible way. I did put the dial on the 'little running man' for some of the shots. And now i look at the screen of my camera, it shows things....Sue i have no idea about technology!!! please, let your husband tell me what i did.

Sue said...

:) I don't think he'll know, either -- His company makes lots of products, and he's an engineer for home audio, but he's just learning about photography himself! I think that's why he was asking -- he was very impressed!

I can just imagine you hanging out the window while your husband is trying to drive.... :D